Brigitte Silva has worked as a professional in the entertainment industry for over a decade. At 17, she began her conservatory studies at the renowned Teatro Libre de Bogota, Colombia. She was selected to join Teatro Libre’s professional theatre company while still a student. 


Since then, she has worked on many production sets for film, television, stage, and commercial in Colombia, Miami (MCM Studios)and NYC. In Bogotá, she starred as a recurring character on a live broadcast TV program (La Pelu) with City TV a national Channel. She was featured on a billboard for Chivas Regal. Brigitte has excellent comedic timing and is proficient with the technicalities of working with greenscreens.


To stay prepared, Brigitte enriches her process with workshops ranging from on-camera scene study to Standard Speech. Her most recent productions include Chiqui an independent pilot Shot on 16mm film about an immigration story set in late-80’s New York area. The indie Episodic pilot is premiering at Sundance Film Festival 2022. And her most recent Private Languages a phycological thriller set in Midtown Manhattan.

Just past summer she was performing the leading lady in The Count of Monte Cristo 
with the Hudson Classical Theater Company at Riverside Park in Manhattan.

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